The killing of Osama Bin Laden is an important success for all nations who have been fighting terrorism.

Bin Laden’s vicious ideas have grown over 20 years to become a major challenge to all nations seeking to develop their people in prosperity and hope, and the United States is to be congratulated on this success, which could only have happened with vital cooperation from Pakistan.

Bin Laden’s message claimed to be Muslim, but unlike Islam’s true message, he offered his followers nothing other than hatred and anger. His fury at his enemies was the entire message that he offered, and he offered nothing in the way of positive values or political answers to his followers’ problems.

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But the killing Bin Laden is still only one step in the fight against terror. Bin Laden has had over 20 years to build a substantial international organisation, which is all the more dangerous as it is a loose alliance of like-minded people is many countries, ready to help and cooperate whenever needed , but without one central control.

This makes Al Qaida vary hard to eliminate, so the fight now needs to continue as strongly as ever to root out these dangerous terrorists and expose them to their followers for the sham that they are.