The arrival of the first store in the region of all-electric carmaker Tesla — in the heart of Dubai — is yet another endorsement of the UAE’s reputation as a champion of clean energy.

The futuristic carmaker’s formal entry into the UAE was first announced during founder Elon Musk’s visit to Dubai this February, and could end up further propelling the country towards a more sustainable and greener future. The new showroom and service centre — both directly managed by Tesla — will be matched by a growing network of electric vehicle charging stations across the country. Thanks to the UAE’s commitment to renewable energy, such a grand beginning of operations in a nascent industry has been made possible.

From establishing Masdar City more than a decade back in Abu Dhabi, to building unique wind and solar farms across the country and spearheading a raft of recycling initiatives, the UAE has swiftly established itself as a pioneer in the renewables sector. Apart from the vision to vastly improve the quality of life for its citizens and residents, the UAE’s initiatives on renewable energy comes amid a growing demand for energy as the population grows. Oil prices have plunged to half their value from three years ago and there is an urgency worldwide to reduce carbon emissions by adopting covenants such as the Paris Climate Agreement — to which the UAE is a significant contributor. The symbolism of Tesla’s new facility is also in perfect sync with the UAE Energy plan 2050, whereby the country aims to reduce its carbon emissions by 70 per cent, increase clean energy use by 50 per cent and improve energy efficiency by 40 per cent by 2050.

Therefore, whether it’s driving a zero-emission car or recycling plastic at work or using solar power at home, UAE residents now have a diverse wealth of opportunities to embrace a clean and green future.