Gulf News is now being distributed to its subscribers in a hygienic way.

The world is going through tough times, battling the coronavirus outbreak, an invisible ferocious enemy that has affected all aspects of life, including the media. Right from day one, the UAE has been taking all the right measures to contain the spread.

In Gulf News, we have been taking necessary measures to help national efforts. And in compliance with the authorities’ decision to limit the printing and distribution of newspapers and printed material, which takes effect today, we have limited our distribution to our subscribers and major sales outlets as stipulated by the government’s decision.

Newspapers are an important part of the efforts to confront the virus by providing reliable, updated news and information and spreading awareness. We will continue to do our part and service to the nation and to the hundreds of thousands of our print edition readers and the millions who follow us on digital platforms. We are committed to serve the nation with the highest standards of journalism and helping the collective efforts to keep this country safe.

Therefore, we continue to do our job while taking into great consideration the safety of our print readers and subscribers. Thus, as you have noticed, we deliver the newspaper in a polybag wrap to minimise any potential risk to you and your family. Our printing press is completely automated with the least human intervention. Gulf News is printed, packaged and carried to the trucks by robots. You can count on us in these testing times in keeping you not only informed but also safe.

And we count on you to help the UAE’s efforts in containing the virus by staying home and exercising social distancing. The authorities have urged all to stay indoors to mitigate the risk. We plead with you to heed this precious advice. These tough times will pass. The UAE government has assured everyone that all necessary measures are being taken. Food and medicine supplies are sufficiently available. There is no need to panic. In these times, we all need to remain calm, cooperate with the relevant authorities and stay at home.