For the past two years, the people of Yemen have endured hardship, violence and humanitarian privation under the illegal rule of Al Houthi rebels. These Iranian-backed usurpers overthrew the legitimate government of President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and have since used plundered the resources and finances of Yemen to continue their illegal and internationally condemned rule. And because of their actions, the people of Yemen have suffered. Al Houthi actions necessitated military intervention by a Saudi Arabia-led international coalition, acting on mandates from the United Nations Security Council, and in which the UAE is proud to play a role in assisting its Arab brothers.

Every effort by the international community, be it under the leadership of the UN itself or through the offices of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has been shirked by Al Houthis.

They have attended numerous talks over the past two years, and each time they have refused to yield, dragging their feet as they waited for indications from Tehran on how to proceed.

Make no mistake, the international coalition in Yemen has but one aim, restoring peace and proper rule there, laying the conditions for the development of proper infrastructure, education, health and agriculture to enable Yemenis to build a better future.

And once more, there is now a proposal to Al Houthis to come again in peace, to sit and negotiate and to end their ill-conceived, illegal and ill-fated rebellion. In the past few days, the Prime Minister of Yemen, Ahmad Obail Bin Daghar, has proposed new talks with the aim of bringing a peaceful conclusion to this dark chapter and, if Al Houthis are willing, to ensure Ramadan is celebrated in its true spirit.

There are but three conditions for these talks — the same three as before, and the same three that shall remain should these proposed talks now fail: That Al Houthis adhere to previous agreements and the terms of UN Resolution 2216; that they disarm; and that they allow the government of Yemen to return to Sana’a.

In the past, Al Houthis have agreed generally on these points but they continue to hold on to their heavy weaponry. No government can allow internal forces to retain an arsenal of destruction.

Sadly, until such a time as Al Houthis genuinely desire peace, our Arab brothers there will continue to endure misery, mayhem and malnutrition.