In yet another shocking report, Amnesty International accused the Syrian regime of using starvation as a weapon of war, killing 128 innocent people in the Yarmouk refugee camp alone.

Any regime that starves its own people for political gain has no place in the comity of nations. The Bashar Al Assad regime has long tried to paint itself as a civilised saviour of the Syrian people in the face of a savage enemy: religious extremists. His regime and its supporters often argue that had the rebels not used the besieged areas as a base, the regime would not have been “forced” to put them through the starvation they face. Such attempted justifications are yet more naked admissions of responsibility, which the regime and its henchmen feel no qualms about admitting to. There is a difference between brutal regimes that commit atrocities and try to hide them and those that commit them in broad daylight and freely admit to them, as the world watches in silence. Such regimes are beyond redemption. They are bereft of any human sentiment and they consider their war to be one of survival in which the rules of engagement do not apply. Such wars, in their minds, are driven by the instinct to survive. Its figures know that they have crossed all lines, and any setback for them now spells the end of their freedom and possibly their lives.

It is, therefore, an absolute necessity, now more than ever before, that this regime is stopped. And once again, it is an absolute necessity to cut off the regime at its source. The solution to the Syria conflict may lie outside the country. Syria’s international backers need to be convinced to end their support for the regime. The sooner the international community realises this, the better for the Syrian people.