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'Green corridor' for world's heaviest woman to reach UAE

Bariatric surgery patient given ‘green corridor’ for safe and quick transfer from Mumbai to Abu Dhabi

  • Abdul Atti, 36, will continue her special liquid diet that is fed to her via a tube while on board the flight.Image Credit: Family
  • Abdul Atti, 36, will continue her special liquid diet that is fed to her via a tube while on board the flight.Image Credit: PTI

Dubai: Eman Ahmad Abdul Atti, the famous bariatric surgery patient coming to the UAE from Mumbai, was granted a special "green corridor" by the Mumbai police on Thursday, Gulf News has learnt.

According to a detailed travel plan shared to Gulf News, Abdul Atti’s journey from Mumbai begins at 9.30am on Thursday. It will take over four hours to complete the operation of getting her onto a specialised bed and into the special ambulance to be driven to the airport where she is slated to be hoisted into the waiting aircraft by 2.30pm.

She is scheduled to arrive at the Abu Dhabi airport by late afternoon and will be directly transferred to Burjeel Hospital.

A ”green corridor” is a special on-road route created minus any traffic to enable  quick transport of harvested organs like heart and liver for transplants, to save precious time.

The traffic signals are manually operated to avoid red lights and the Indian police has successfully managed to save a number lives using the green corridor system. 

In the case of Abdul Atti, the Mumbai police has granted her this privilege to facilitate a safe and quick medical evacuation from the Saifee Hosptial to Mumbai airport where she will be hoisted using a pneumatic hydraulic system on board the waiting Egyptair aircraft to be flown to Abu Dhabi airport.

Popular Indian journalist and author Shobha De tweeted her gratitude to Mumbai Police for the gesture and wished Eman a safe journey.

“Salam Mumbai Police for agreeing to provide a safe green corridor to Eman and Shaima tomorrow,” she wrote in her tweet.

In another tweet she followed with her best wishes : “Safe passage and God be with you Eman. Mumbai police – well done,” she wrote.

The schedule is as follows: 

9.30am to 10.30pm: the Medevac team arrives at the Saifee hospital to coordinate the ground logistics

10.30am to 12.30pm: patient will be transferred in a specialised bed

12.30am to 12.30pm: The medical evacuation team will tansport her via a special ambulance ot the Mumbai international airport

2.30pm onwards: After she is successfully lifted into the aircraft, the aircraft will leave soon afterwards