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Hublot has introduced the Big Bang e Premier League, a new evolution of its connected Big Bang with a dedicated application, new dial and new strap, in purple, the iconic colour of the Premier League.

“In these challenging times, football continues to be a source of much-needed joy for fans all over the world,” says Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. “Hublot loves football and continues to partner with the game’s greatest competitions. It’s our privilege to introduce the Hublot Big Bang e Premier League, a connected watch designed to bring passionate fans even closer to the world’s most-watched league. Hublot is really proud to be working with the Premier League and creating memorable experiences for people who love watches and love football.”

The 200-piece limited-edition watch has a lightweight case in satin-finished and polished titanium. It’s based on the Hublot Big Bang e connected watch launched last year, with a number of additional features tailored to the Premier League fan experience.

“As a Hublot ambassador for many years, I can say that I am extremely proud to wear this magnificent watch that will bring fans of our league closer to the game,” says José Mourinho, Head Coach, Tottenham Hotspur. “I’m even more proud to see Hublot and the Premier League come together – the best watchmaker in the world and the best league in the world. It’s a special match.”

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The strap, which is available in Premier League’s signature purple, can be quickly changed by the owner thanks to Hublot’s ingenious One Click strap-change system. Every strap comes with a microblasted black ceramic buckle. For example, owners will be able to change the look of the watch easily by choosing rubber strap colours and dial configurations.

Powered by Wear OS by GoogleTM, the watch comes with the exclusive Hublot Loves Football Premier League app, which will later also be available to existing Hublot Big Bang Connected e owners via or the Google Play app store.

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This provides users with animated notifications to alert them to Premier League match kick-off times (15 minutes before the game starts), goals, penalties, substitutions, yellow and red cards, and time added on. The dial can be set to display the time using digital or analogue displays, and when a match starts, the watch automatically switches to Match Mode.

“I’m a big fan of anything that makes football more immediate and more exciting, and of technology that brings the game to life,” says Alan Shearer, Premier League’s all-time top scorer. “The Big Bang e Premier League is a sensational development from Hublot and a real game changer for Premier League fans all over the world.”

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The app will also show team line-ups and VAR decisions. When it signals a match is over, it will also begin a countdown to the next fixture. If there are two games taking place at the same time, users will be able to switch between them with a simple screen tap.

Hublot will be equipping Premier League referees with a special version of the watch, which will not be made commercially available. Cast in a super-lightweight composite, it will be even lighter than the ceramic version. It will also have additional functions designed for the referee, including goal-line technology that signals to the referee when the whole of the ball has crossed the line.

The Hublot Big Bang e Premier League is available at Hublot Boutiques at the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and Marina Mall Abu Dhabi.