JumpNation with Kate Austin Image Credit: Supplied

Something huge recently opened in Dubai. In the age of one-stop shops, not many gyms are equivalent to Swiss army knives, versatile and complete, ready for whatever kind of action. Luckily for fitness freaks, GymNation is an expanse filled with sweat-inducing training zones.

Gulf News tabloid! took a tour of the massive 45,000-square-feet facility and personally, this fitness enthusiast was impressed with the variety of activities one can do inside given the affordable rates they’re offering to members.

“The success of our pre-sell has validated what we believed to be a real gap in the market for an affordable fitness concept,” says Loren Holland — he along with Frank Afeaki are the founders of GymNation. “Add to this the fact that 1/3 of our members are first-time gym goers means we have already started to make a positive social impact,” Holland says.

No wonder they’re being called ‘The People’s Gym’.

“Considering Dubai gym fees are the second-most expensive in the world at an average of $119 (Dh440), we are quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ option for gym goers across the city,” Afeaki elaborates.

Afeaki himself was very instrumental during our tour. Doubling as a trainer, he treated us to a vigorous and competitive circuit session that covered specific areas inside GymNation. We first warmed up with the multi-talented Kate Austin with her brand of trampoline fitness in the main studio. What followed thereafter was an intense series that had us drag our rears from the main studio to the functional training area to the bootcamp area and consequently to two of the more specialised sections, the spin studio and the boxing area. Basically, we participated in some of their classes: JumpNation, KO8, Les Mills, and Muay Thai.

It actually doesn’t take long before one realises how remarkable this gym is. Transferring from one quarter to another, the vast potential for cross-training is on prominent display. This facility practically gives you everything — yes, everything, as you also have the meal-prep and nutrition outfit Fuel-Up by Kcal inside… so there’s that!

What’s even more amazing is the fact that they’re open 24/7. Holland says: “It’s a very exciting time for the fitness industry in Dubai and we are pleased to have brought a new and disruptive concept to the market.”