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The comprehensive treatment at the clinic will be offered by extensively experienced multi-disciplinary team of doctors who have worked with reputed institutions in the US, UK, and France

One of Abu Dhabi’s most reputed hospitals, Burjeel Hospital is known for its world-class setting, exceptional patient care and the best clinical treatment and practice. The hospital is now setting up a breast clinic offering comprehensive treatment for breast-related medical conditions by a multi-disciplinary team of extensively experienced doctors who have worked with reputed institutions around the world in the US, France, Germany and the UK.

Armoured with the latest equipment and diagnosing tools, the doctors at the clinic provide personalised treatment for their patients in the most soothing manner. The multi-disciplinary team at the clinic will be led by Dr Zoe Vlamaki, Consultant General Surgeon; Dr Toufic Ata, Consultant Laparoscopic Bariatric and General Surgery; Dr Vijay Chandran, Interventional Radiologist and Department Head of Radiology; Prof Dr Abdulbaqi Alkhatib, Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon; and Dr Abdel Rahman Ahmed Omer, Consultant General Surgeon.

Doctors speak to Gulf News about breast cancer, treatments, the opening of a breast clinic at Burjeel Hospital, its uniqueness and the various treatment it offers.

Dr Zoe, you have come to the UAE with a responsibility of setting up a breast clinic at one of Abu Dhabi’s most reputed hospital — Burjeel. How would you think that your expertise would be beneficial for the people in the UAE?

Dr Zoe: In my nearly three decades of a career as a general surgeon working with various institutions in different continents, I was fortunate to witness advancement and development in medicine and learn the latest techniques in treatment. I have been treating breast cancer patients or those breast diseases for all these years. The experience gained over this period has added to my abilities to judge the right treatment for my patients. Breast cancer is one of the highly prevalent cancers in the UAE. So I genuinely believe I would be able to make a difference in their life. Cancer is still seen with eyes of fear. It is a deadly disease. But if we are diagnosing it at the right time, we will be able to save the lives of people.

At Burjeel Hospital, we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists and has state-of-the-art infrastructure to diagnose and treat the disease effectively and efficiently.

What does the breast clinic at Burjeel Hospital entail?

Dr Toufic: Breast clinic at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, offers comprehensive services concerning any medical conditions affecting breasts. This includes the diagnosis and treatment ­— both medical and surgical, other therapies and breast reconstruction. The clinic has a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals trained abroad in the UK, France and the US. We provide personalised treatment and care of the highest standards delivered to our patients in a world-class setting. We also fast track the diagnostic investigations in suspected cases of breast neoplasm. During the month of October, which is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month, Burjeel Hospital is providing free mammogram screening and consultation for women above 40 years or for those with a family history. We encourage women in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the UAE to undergo a mammogram screening and ensure that they are safe and healthy.

What are the treatments available?

Dr Toufic: The breast clinic at Burjeel Hospital is fully-equipped to provide treatment for any breast-related medical conditions, including tissue biopsy if needed. The clinic will also cater to the medical requirements of men as they also face the risk of being affected by breast cancer. The clinic will also provide services such as breast surgery, axillary lymph node staging treatment of breast cancer, surgery for breast reduction, breast lifting, breast lipomodeling, implant reconstruction, breast implant augmentation, breast milk ductoscopy.

When should women undergo a mammogram screening and is it painful?

Dr Zoe: Persons who have close family members diagnosed with breast cancer are more likely to be affected. They must regularly self-examine their breast and consult a specialist for clinical assessment in case of need.

Women above 40 years should undergo a mammogram screening at least once in a year. Self-examination is crucial, and women must learn to examine their breasts on their own. It is one of the easiest ways to identify the symptoms early and reduces the risk of life. A specialist assessment will be the next approach if they raise any concerns. The mammogram technology has advanced around the world as it is with all other treatment concerning breast cancer and other breast diseases. It is not painful now as it was in the past. Women coming to the clinic for a mammogram test now testifies that they had no pain. So there is nothing to be afraid of to undergo a mammogram test.

What are the latest technologies you have at Burjeel Hospital to treat breast cancer?

Dr Vijay Chandran: At Burjeel Hospital, we have the latest imaging systems of the highest standard capable of diagnosing even a small lesion in the breast. The digital mammography machine will enable us to diagnose the disease in patients coming to us at an early stage. Burjeel is also equipped with imaging technology of very high quality that helps us to offer quality treatment to our patients on par with what is being offered in other advanced economies and countries around the world.

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