Endermologie is a system of cellular stimulation developed by LPG to tackle cellulite and/or resculpt your body shape. Image Credit: Getty Images

Why this treatment? Before starting LPG, I had lost about eight kilograms through a sensible diet and exercise programme. Although I’d reached my ideal weight, I wasn’t satisfied. Friends kept telling me I was in danger of becoming too thin because, although I’d started off with more weight on certain areas, I’d lost weight evenly over my frame, meaning my arms, for example, were looking a little scrawny, despite still having flab on my thighs. I wanted to lose more around my problem areas, but was worried I’d become flat-chested in pursuit of skinny thighs. I’d heard of people in similar situations having success with alternative approaches, such as LPG Endermologie, but was sceptical.

What’s it all about? Endermologie is a system of cellular stimulation developed by LPG to tackle cellulite and/or resculpt your body shape. According to LPG’s literature, cellulite results from a build-up of fat in adipose tissue and water retention around these increasing hypodermic fat cells. The situation is self-perpetuating because blood circulation is then slowed down, causing stagnation of metabolic waste. Endermologie works by reactivating adipose tissue using mechanical roll stimulation. Tissue that traps the fat cells is softened and blood and lymphatic circulation is encouraged.
The claim is that during the sessions, fat release is activated and the sugars and fats stored in the fatty tissue are transformed into a source of energy for the muscles. Also, the mechanical rollers stimulate collagen and elastin production and firm up slacking skin. One of the main advantages is that it targets and treats only problem areas.

What happened? At the initial consultation, my therapist examined my skin and discussed my problem areas. There are several different treatments available to women, but after measuring and weighing me, and determining the results I wanted to see, she prescribed the Gynoid Lipomassage treatment, which concentrates on the lower half of the body. I was signed up for 10 sessions, and the therapist told me I would be able to see results after about six sessions, although she warned me not to expect instant results. As she has been doing the procedure for around 10 years, I felt safe and confident. For hygiene and modesty, I wore a specialised stretch bodysuit, which I had to purchase and take to each session. Dressed in this, I lay on the table, changing positions so the therapist could work all sides with the hand-held roller-device. At first, while not painful, the pummelling action was uncomfortable. According to the therapist, this was the result of blood rushing through the bloated fat cells, the image of which cheered me up. I found the sensation improved with each session, and by the time I reached the last three, I was actually looking forward to it.

I generally felt a little lethargic after each visit, but then I’d have a surge of energy about an hour later. The therapist said this is typical amongst her patients. It was very easy to fit the recommended twice-weekly sessions into my life as they are only around 35 minutes long.

Did it really work?
The results far exceeded my expectations. I’d been initially sceptical about ‘spot reduction’ and the idea that you could lose weight without hours of exercise and a strict diet, but after the first three sessions, my skin did look smoother and less dimpled. Then, after the tenth session, when my measurements were again taken, I was amazed to discover that for the first time ever I’d actually lost a lot of weight mainly from my thighs (at least 6cm from the top of each and around 5cm from the knee areas) rather than evenly over my body. What is a tad confusing (alhough I’m certainly not complaining!) is that the brochure mentioned I should expect a loss of up to 4.3cm per thigh only. In addition to thinner thighs, my skin was definitely firmer and smoother.

Need to know
Generally, you should not undergo the treatment if you suffer serious and progressive illness, serious blood circulation disorders, phlebitis or pregnancy. For maintenance purposes, it is recommended you have a follow-up treatment once per month.
Where: Manchester Clinic Med Spa, Jumeirah Beach Road, Jumeirah 3, tel: 04-3956400
Cost: Dh350 per session plus Dh200 for the suit, or buy  a package of ten sessions and pay for only eight.