Unable to port number

I have made several requests to etisalat for porting my number from du to etisalat. Each time, I get a text message saying that the request has been rejected due to RR04, RR05 and RR09. I checked with etisalat and they told me that the identity was not matching. I re-registered with du using my Emirates ID and ensured the identity was matching with my application at etisalat. I am still not able to complete the porting. Before starting the process, I also cleared all my outstanding bills with du.

I request Gulf News to intervene in this subject to migrate my du number to etisalat.

From Mr Boban V. Thomas

Abu Dhabi

A spokesperson from du responds:

In response to Mr Thomas’ query, the matter was investigated internally and due to a temporary technical issue, the customer ID wasn’t accepted. We have undertaken the corrective measures required to resolve this matter; Mr Thomas can now reapply and his application will be processed. We apologise for any inconvenience he may have faced.

Mr Thomas responds:

The problem was resolved and I migrated to etisalat. Thank you Gulf News, for the support.

(Process initiation: May 24. Response from organisation: June 10. Reader confirmation: June 10.)

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