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Electric car with a charging station on display during a press conference to announce a package of Incentives for Electric-Vehicle Users in Dubai in a press conference at Armani Hotel in Dubai on 24th September 2017. Photo: Pankaj Sharma/Gulf News Image Credit:

What you need to know:

  • Are e-cars better for the environment?

Social media users highlighted the benefits of using electric vehicles and cleared some misconceptions around using them. However, there were those who believed such cars might not be effective enough and suitable for all regions.


Electric cars powered by new wind and solar projects will get six to seven times more power than petrol cars for the same capital cost.


Getting anywhere in an #ElectricCar takes way longer because people stop you in car parks to ask a million questions and admire your vehicle of the future.


Now that I’ve owned one [electric car] for a couple of weeks, I can say with great certainty: electric cars are freaking awesome.

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Living proof that electric cars can go through safaris, as well as car washes.


For electric car to be effective in Nigeria, we need stable electric power supply which we lack. Let’s fix that then people will appreciate electric cars.


The single most effective way to ‘save the earth’ is to stop eating meat and dairy. More than recycling, more than electric cars, more than shutting off light switches. Though those all help too. If you want to make an impact for now and future generations, go plant based.