Children skateboarding at Al Majaz area in Sharjah. Unlike Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there are no skate parks in the emirate. So the only places available are car parking lots and pavements, but it can be dangerous to play in such areas. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Skateboarding is a sport that has become popular all around the world, and now it has become widespread in the UAE as well.

Unfortunately, we skateboarders are often treated like intruders, especially in certain parts of Sharjah.

We are not allowed to skateboard in parks and since Souq Al Markazi or the Central Souq is the only place that seems to have smooth surfaces for us to use, we go to the place often. But the security guards and municipal officials are always chasing us away.

Teenagers around the city also have to resort to using parking lots and pavements, which can be really dangerous.

Earlier, there used to be a lot of skateboarding enthusiasts — now the number is decreasing. This isn't because they don't want to skateboard any more but because it is so difficult to find a proper place in the city to do so.

We skateboarders would be very grateful if the authorities could support such sports. Perhaps they can consider building a skate park in Sharjah, such as the ones in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It would help us a lot.

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— The reader is a university student, based in Sharjah