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I had obtained a loan from Standard Chartered bank in February 2015 for 48 months. I have taken two deferments since then. I have paid 32 instalments already, but the statements I am receiving are for 58 months. Eight instalments are shown as missing. I have been contacting the bank continuously but they are not replying to the email and not giving me a proper response over the phone. I have requested them to send the revised statement but there is no action from their end. They have not provided me with any paperwork with regard to the loan, even after my regular follow-ups with them. Kindly assist me in this regard, as I feel helpless.

From Mr Mohammad Ashad Mohammad Hanif


The management of Standard Charted responds:

This an old case that was brought to our attention back in November 2017 and it was resolved then. We called the customer again to make sure that it is closed.

Mr Hanif responds:

In reference to my earlier comments, I have been constantly following up with the bank for deferment for more than six months now and there has been no assistance from their end. There is no proper response from the bank regarding my problem. On asking them about deferment, they constantly refuse, whereas when they provided the loan, they had promised me two deferments a year. Now, it has been more than a year and I have not received a deferment from their end. They keep sending messages that my issue has been resolved, but the problem remains.

Standard Charted responds:

The client has been contacted on February 7, and on February 22. We did convey our official reply to him. The deferment can’t be done according the bank’s terms and conditions.

(Process initiation: January 13. Response from organisation: January 17. Process completion: May 24.)

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