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The summer holidays are over and work has returned to its regular routine. The mid-day break rule enforced strictly by the authorities was a success and apparently most of the companies involved in its implementation followed it strictly.

However, the heat has not fully disippated and thus, the unpleasant and totally appalling condition of a minority set of workers.

I am talking about a group of workers I happen to see every noon at a prominent sewage maintenance project happening in the heart of Abu Dhabi city.

These workers rest on the road and under the sun in a very sad state. From what I understand, now that the enforced rule is no more active, they are given a choice to rest wherever they can. If possible, companies involving construction workers should consider their field work conditions and assist them accordingly.

I humbly request the authorities to extend the rule as per the average monthly temperature prevailing in each region. I am sure this would provide sustained relief to workers who are involved.

- The reader is a technical officer, based in Abu Dhabi

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