Credit my money

I availed a car loan from Noor Bank about three months ago. I had to visit the bank’s branch in Al Muroor Road, Abu Dhabi, at least four to five times, driving all the way from Musaffah to get the documents signed.

In May, I was expecting an auto debit to my Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank account on the third day of the month. As I was in India for my wedding and returned only on May 16, it went unnoticed.

Then, on June 3, I was expecting a debit for my loan and again it was missed. I raised a complaint to Noor Bank’s hotline, 800 6667, saying that the amount was not debited from my account. The bank’s customer service representative asked me to visit the branch again and sign the document. I refused to do so, as I had already visited thrice to sign the same document.

Later, someone else called me and said that if I don’t visit the branch, they would take action against me. I asked him if he was from the legal department. Initially, he said yes. So I asked him with what right he called me, when I had enough money in my account and the problem occurred due to the negligence of Noor Bank’s staff, as they were the ones who had lost the document I had signed twice.

He later said he was not from the legal department, but rather from collections department. I narrated my story to him and he registered a complaint and told me that within three days, a person would visit my office to get the documents signed.

I then got a message from Noor Bank, stating that my auto finance amount was due on July 3. I was happy that it had finally gotten registered. But again, there was no debit in my account. I called up the person from whom I had taken a loan and asked him to check on it. He said he would register a complaint again.

Finally, I got a call from Noor Bank’s customer service and they again started demanding that I make the relevant payments. I told them that I had already filled the form for the auto debit. Then the customer service representative told me that if it’s not debited from my account, I should have credited the amount from my Noor Bank account.

Next, they said I would be fined if I don’t pay my due amount.

Visiting the bank again and again — a two-hour drive — during office hours is impossible.

I request Gulf News to kindly help me with this issue.

From Mr Tanwiz Abbas, Abu Dhabi

The management of Noor Bank responds:

Noor Bank is committed to resolving customer complaints amicably and to the fullest satisfaction of the complainant. We make every effort to be transparent with the customer. This starts with acknowledging the problem raised by the concerned individual and working to offer a swift resolution.

In this case, soon after hearing from Gulf News of Mr Abbas’s complaint, our Service Quality Department took up the matter and ensured a quick resolution of the issue. We assured Mr Abbas that he would not face a similar problem in the future. Subsequently, Mr Abbas informed Gulf News about Noor Bank’s effective redressal of his complaint.

Noor Bank wishes to assure all customers of our best service and prompt response to any complaints and grievances they may have.

Mr Abbas responds:

Thanks a lot for the support. I am going to tell my friends and create awareness about the wonderful service provided by Gulf News.

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