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One Saturday morning, while walking along the heart of the Sharjah Corniche, my nose caught a foul smell.

Turning towards the smell, I noticed there was litter left on a bench nearby. It seemed that a group of people had abandoned their leftover food and drinks on the bench after enjoying their meal the evening before, as it had been left there overnight at least.

This trash could have easily been thrown into a waste bin kept a stone’s throw away.

The next day I noticed yet another bench covered in litter.

Also, people in the area often throw litter in the sea at night, which can be seen floating around in the morning.

This is very lazy, irresponsible behaviour. People don’t acknowledge the effort the municipal authorities put in to make our area a beautiful tourist spot.

The Sharjah Heritage area and the Sharjah Art Museum are in the vicinity and numerous people visit this area daily. If this kind of behaviour is simply accepted by the area’s residents, it will soon lose that tourism touch.

It is my humble request to the residents of not only my area, but to everyone in the UAE, to make an extra effort to throw their garbage in a bin.


The reader is a grade 10 student at Delhi Private School in Sharjah.


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