As per Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank’s (ADCB) offer email, I purchased gold jewellery at Al Ain’s Town Centre for Dh12,000 on April 17.

After purchasing, the merchant and I called ADCB customer care to claim the offer of zero per cent interest and five per cent cashback. The bank’s customer care asked to raise a complaint. The same complaint was cancelled by ADCB without resolving and without my knowledge.

I raised another complaint on April 23. Unfortunately, that complaint also was not resolved, and a customer care executive talked to me in a rude manner, saying: “This offer is not eligible for you!” He told me I should have called the bank’s customer care before the purchase, to confirm if there was even an offer available.

I am not satisfied with his answer and my question is — if they are sending emails about these offers, why should I confirm with customer care?

From Mr Albert Anand

Al Ain

The management of ADCB responds:

Thank you for your cooperation and communication with us in the endeavour to best serve our customers and resolve their issues.

Customer satisfaction is at the very top of our agenda, which is why we have an established Service Quality Unit that is dedicated to handling all customer enquiries and complaints. While we cannot comment on specific customer cases, we do take finding a solution for our customers very seriously and approach every situation with the best interest of the customer in mind.

With reference to Mr Anand’s issue, please be advised that our Service Quality Unit has investigated the matter and confirmed that the customer made a transaction of Dh12,000 at Damas for gold purchases and has asked to convert it into zero per cent Installment Payment Plan (IPP) and get five per cent cash back. However, as per the terms and conditions (T&C) of the promotion, the customer can avail the offer only for diamond purchases not gold, hence, the customer is not eligible for the offer. Moreover, all ADCB communications direct customers to check T&C, specifically indicating that the offer is available for diamond jewellery only. The case is closed accordingly.

We continually urge all customers to contact our Service Quality Unit 24/7 by phone, email or web, should they need any further clarification regarding their issues.

We would like to thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and hence giving us the opportunity to further our servicing to our valued customers.

Mr Anand responds:

Thanks a lot Gulf News, for the timely help. ADCB promised to offer me 20,000 ADCB points.

(Process initiation: April 30. Response from organisation: May 10. Reader confirmation: May 13.)

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