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Podcast Post: Food shows for the hungry soul

As the city celebrates Dubai Food Festival over the next two weeks, here are five podcasts that celebrate food in all its glory

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Spilled Milk

Humour and a deep love for all things food make this podcast a must-listen. Writers/comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton take a single food-related topic and run with it, as far as they can possibly go. These 30-minute episodes (there are 269 so far) have explored everything from Oreos to frozen burritos, Norwegian junk food and ice cream sodas.

The Dinner Party Download

Feeling lonely while you order in again from the Dominos next door and Netflix your way through oblivion? May we point you to The Dinner Party Download? Hour-long, fast, captivating and always culturally on-point episodes feature one new joke (which you can use at your next dinner party), celebrities (every one from Lin Manuel Miranda to Ava DuVernay and America Ferrera have dropped in), a segment on food etiquette, discussion on an emerging food trend and a new song you can loop into your next playlist.

The Sporkful

A recent trip down NPR’s bottomless podcast directory took me to The Sporkful. This delightful podcast looks beyond the cooks to focus on the podcast needs of the eaters. Beyond the realm of chefs, restaurants, and recipes, episodes of Sporkful have explored food resolutions, tipping at restaurants, food allergies and how to deal with them, among other topics. A good place to start would be their A Very Halal Valentine’s with Taz Ahmad episode, where “the co-host of Good Muslim Bad Muslim tells us how to share food without killing the romance, and why she wishes guys she dates would stop trying to out-Muslim her”.

Go Fork Yourself

Hosts Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods, and Molly Mogren have long conversations and bring their expert knowledge on international food while talking to famous chefs and travel experts. While this podcast has been on a “long hiatus” since 2015, there are 156 beautifully produced episodes to go back to and savour.

The Real Food Podcast

Join Indian food writer Vikram Doctor as he takes listeners across the breadth of the Indian sub-continent, exploring the origins, legends and the everyday magic that goes into Indian food: idlis, ragi, chivda or even filter kaapi (coffee), nothing’s spared. The latest episode discusses if chicken is just glorified paneer (cottage cheese), a debate waiting to be put to rest.