Image Credit: Instagram/@Pharrell

The highly anticipated moment has arrived as Pharrell Williams takes the fashion world by storm with his first collection as the new creative director for Louis Vuitton menswear. Making a grand statement, Williams transported his global audience to the iconic Pont Neuf bridge in Paris for an extraordinary showcase of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection. From the moment guests received their invitations, it was clear that they were in for a remarkable experience.

The invitation hinted at a theme of joy and love, setting the tone for what was to come. Guests embarked on a boat journey near Musée d'Orsay, gliding along the river until they reached the bridge, adorned in a mesmerizing golden glow. Drawing inspiration from the sun as a universal symbol of life, Pharrell incorporated its motif into his collection. Reflecting on this momentous opportunity, Williams shared, "When the sun shines on you for an opportunity like this, it changes your life. With this appointment, I want to share my learnings as a perpetual student and express my love and appreciation. I choose to shine a light on this city, its people, and all my friends here who have supported me."

The collection centers around the concept of "LVERS," celebrating those who appreciate Louis Vuitton and embody a shared taste and cultural affinity. Pharrell combines the iconic LV Damier chessboard pattern with the historic monogram, infusing a pixelated aesthetic into his inaugural collection. He explains, "The chessboard setup allows us to play with different artistic techniques. We treated the blocks like 8-bit Atari graphics and created the powerful Damoflage, a fusion of Damier and camo. I wanted to design a print that instantly reflects my style and the essence of Damier."

The star-studded attendance at the show was awe-inspiring, with celebrities like Jared Leto, Zendaya, Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Lewis Hamilton, Maluma, J Balvin, Jaden Smith, Rihanna, A$AP Rocky, Beyoncé, and JAY-Z gracing the front row. Pharrell's artistic vision seamlessly blended elements of music, artistry, and fashion, captivating the audience. Notable designers such as Jeremy Scott, JW Anderson, and long-time friend NIGO showed their support by sitting alongside Williams.

The spectacle continued until the grand finale, where Voice of Fire took the stage to perform their collaborative track with Pharrell, "Joy." The after-party saw a memorable performance by Pharrell and JAY-Z, showcasing their greatest hits and concluding the night on a high note.

Amidst all the celebration, Pharrell made a heartfelt tribute to the late Virgil Abloh, acknowledging the influential designer who came before him. Williams ensured that Abloh's legacy would never be forgotten, holding him close to his heart as he created for the esteemed fashion house.

Pharrell Williams' Louis Vuitton debut runway show was a testament to his achievements and served as a vibrant celebration of creativity. With an unforgettable collection that left a lasting impression, Williams solidified his place as a visionary in the fashion industry.


CREDIT: Instagram @Pharrell