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Louis Vuitton

Nicolas Ghesquière's retrospective journey with Louis Vuitton unfolds in the Fall-Winter 2024-2025 collection, a testament to a decade of fashion exploration. Memories serve as the compass guiding this introspective odyssey, weaving emotions, reflections, and intertextual references. Presented at the iconic Cour Carrée at the Louvre, where Ghesquière debuted ten years prior, the collection blends past affinities with renewed imagination. Set against Philippe Parreno's artistry and Nicolas Becker's soundscape, each garment echoes the designer's evolution, affirming the constancy of a stylistic North Star guiding Louis Vuitton into new horizons.


CHANEL's Fall-Winter 2024/25 Ready-to-Wear show transports viewers to the gorgeous shores of Deauville at the Grand Palais Éphémère in Paris. Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel's iconic creations, models saunter down a mythical boardwalk shrouded in mystery. Think pink hues and oversized hats exude ultimate glamour and elegance, echoing the timeless allure of coastal chic.


In the past five years, Schiaparelli has curated a realm of iconic moments in couture, blending fashion, celebrity, and culture. Alongside, our ready-to-wear collections have blossomed into hyper-exclusive ensembles, offering couture-like impact for daily wear. These collections epitomize everyday luxury, featuring staple pieces elevated to Schiaparelli standards. From blazers to evening wear, each garment boasts iconic motifs and American influences. Accessories take center stage, crafted with the ambition of becoming future vintage classics. Schiaparelli's universe of creativity extends beyond Place Vendôme, offering a touch of couture charm for every occasion.

Maison Valentino

For Maison Valentino's Fall/Winter 2024-25 collection, Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli explores the profound language of black. In Le Noir, black transcends its conventional associations, becoming a vibrant spectrum of nuanced shades. Drawing inspiration from artists like Mark Rothko and Pierre Soulages, Piccioli delves into black's depth, revealing its universality and individuality. Within this collection, black emerges not as an absence of color, but as a canvas for expression, absorbing light and cultural meanings alike. With Le Noir, Valentino presents a rebellion to romance, infusing sharp graphicism and exuberance into every silhouette.