Maison Madaen
Image Credit: Maison Madaen

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of fashion, where creativity dances hand in hand with heritage, Farah Bseiso emerges as a luminary. From the bustling streets of Baghdad to the cosmopolitan charm of London, and the vibrant beauty of Amman, Bseiso's upbringing reads like a novel of cultural fusion. It's within this context that Maison Madaen finds its roots, a brand that transcends borders to tell stories through stitches and fabrics.

Bseiso's path to the world of fashion is as intriguing as her designs. "I studied English literature then worked for a while as a professor, then decided to chase my dream, so I studied fashion and started my brand Maison Madaen," she recounts. It's a journey marked by determination and an unstoppable commitment to one's passion.

In Bseiso's designs, one can discern the echoes of her diverse heritage. "It gave me the opportunity to blend different cultures, so I have the luxurious style from the Iraqi influence as they love arts and elegance. Additionally, I incorporate the practical simplicity of Jordanian fashion because ladies love to have a twist in the details, which adds elegance, sophistication, and modernity influenced by British style," she explains. It's a melange of influences that lends Maison Madaen its distinctive allure.

Since its inception in 2016, Maison Madaen has undergone a metamorphosis, navigating through the labyrinth of the fashion industry with finesse. "Since 2016, the brand has been growing amidst huge market competition while keeping its recognized DNA intact. Maison Madaen took baby steps in the beginning, and now it’s a well-structured fashion brand," Bseiso reflects. It's a testament to her resilience and creative vision.

Every designer has a moment that etches itself into the annals of their memory, and for Bseiso, it was the opportunity to showcase her inaugural collection in London. "The moment I was chosen to showcase my first collection in London at the beginning of the brand journey gave me a great opportunity and huge potential," she reminisces. It was a pivotal moment that propelled Maison Madaen into the global spotlight.

Behind every exquisite gown lies a tale of inspiration and meticulous craftsmanship. Bseiso unveils her creative process with candor, stating, "The inspiration of the collection is the most important part. Then I start building the collection by sketching, choosing colors, embroideries, and fabrics. Afterwards, I started creating the collection." It's a labor of love that breathes life into each creation.

Looking to the future, Bseiso envisions a world where Maison Madaen remains steadfast in its commitment to couture. "Madaen keeps its DNA clear. I am a couturier, and I believe that no matter how fast our lives become and how much they change, couture will never be on the shelves. So I know that Madaen will always be dynamic and sophisticated."