In 2017, Dominic Nowell-Barnes didn't just relocate to the UAE; he discovered a profound purpose – a purpose born from a growing dissatisfaction with an industry that often turned a blind eye to environmental concerns and ethical practices. Fueled by a desire to instigate positive change, he set out on a mission to create a conduit for transformation accessible to all. Thus, in April 2020, The Giving Movement came to life, conceived to reshape the narrative of fashion consumption and illuminate the path to conscious consumerism.

Dominic Nowell-Barnes Image Credit: The Giving Movement

The brand's trajectory has been nothing short of spectacular, and this year marked its presence on the runways of Dubai Fashion Week. Dominic Nowell-Barnes shares, “We were beyond thrilled to launch the Explorer collection at Dubai Fashion Week. Explorer is a celebration of the boundless spirit and heart of adventure, drawing inspiration from the captivating world of nature and garments used to explore."

Dedicating an entire year to unraveling the intricacies of the fabric and textiles industry, Dominic delved into the science, ethics, and finances governing this domain. His knowledge quest led him to some of the world's largest manufacturers, offering insights that enabled him to marry cost efficiency with sustainability and positive impact. He emphasizes, "Sustainability is an ever-evolving target, and we recognize as a startup we are right at the start of the journey."

The collection isn't just about aesthetics but tells a story resonating with the values of The Giving Movement. Nowell-Barnes explains, “Creating a connection to nature and infusing a spirit of adventure” was the essence they aimed to exude. "Earthy tones, organic textures, and eco-friendlier fabrics serve as a conduit for wearers to carry a piece of the outdoors with them."

Loujain Adada wearing the Explorer collection backstage before modelling for the show Image Credit: Supplied

Being part of Dubai Fashion Week holds immense significance for The Giving Movement. Nowell-Barnes notes, "Dubai Fashion Week serves as a global stage for our purpose-driven brand. The GCC market is going to be the best-performing market in fashion not just in 2023 but for years to come."

Reflecting on his favorite moment from the event, he shares, “The highlight of Dubai Fashion Week for me was the moment when our conceptual ideas and designs transformed into a living, breathing reality on the runway. Witnessing the fusion of creativity and purpose mixed with high-energy music and an audience that truly supports not just our vision and purpose but every regional designer and brand was truly exciting."

Jennifer Lopez has been seen sporting The Giving Movement in Los Angeles. Image Credit: The Giving Movement

Looking ahead, Dominic outlines the brand's plans for 2024. "Omni-channel expansion into retail stores across the GCC is high on our list. We want to bring a physical experience to showcase our brand and message to our community across the GCC."

He also introduces a new venture, FiftyMade©, which caters to luxury eco-conscious customers. "We recognize there is a segment of customers that only buy luxury, so we have developed a small capsule collection under the name FiftyMade©, where we will only produce 50 items of each style, ever. Each item has a biobased label that shares which piece of 50 you received."

The Giving Movement continues to ascend, proving that conscious fashion is not just a trend but a transformative movement.

Image Credit: The Giving Movement