Kim Jones, Dior Men artistic director, was inspired by Ancient Egypt and astronomy. Image Credit: Instagram @dior

With the sun setting behind the Great Pyramids of Giza in Cairo, Dior put on one of the most astonishing shows of the year for the Fall ’23 Men’s Show. The celebrity-studded affair had the likes of Naomi Campbell and Sir Lewis Hamilton in attendance, but the star of the show was Dior Men’s artistic director Kim Jones and his fascination with Ancient Egypt, inspiring a collection with the palette of the desert and the lore of the stars.

“My interest in ancient Egypt is about the stars and the sky,” said Kim Jones. “It’s that fascination with the ancient world and the parallels with what we look at today; what we inherited from them and what we are still learning from the past. It links to Christian Dior in that sense and by way of his fascination with symbols and superstitions that recur throughout his life and work, one of which is the star. In both the collection and the show there is an idea of ‘guided by the stars’ and what that can entail in many ways. It’s about how the past shapes the future or an idea of the future from the past.”

The collection includes demi-kilts made of wool and a hand-warming muff that doubles as a sporty bag. Image Credit: Instagram @dior

The collection fuses traditional artisanal methods of embroidery and leather and reinterprets some heritage themes into technical outerwear and Moon-stomping footwear. Jones’ latest Dior Men collection includes wool demi-kilts, bags, shoes, and plenty of layered textures.

The show itself was staged in a breathtaking setting, with 75 models walking out to commemorate 75 years of the legendary Parisian Maison, capping off a spectacular year for Dior with sales growing by 35 percent in 2022.

3D printed torso harness, wool trousers, and zips and utility pockets morph the feminine into masculine. Image Credit: Instagram @dior