Image Credit: Noon by Noor

In fashion, when a brand dares to challenge conventions it is hard not to be enthralled. Noon By Noor, the luxury womenswear brand founded in 2008 by cousins Shaikha Noor and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa, did exactly that at the recent London Fashion Week with its Spring/Summer 2024 collection. This collection brings a delicate balance of contrasting elements across colors, fabrics, structure, mood, and silhouette.

For the designers behind Noon By Noor, it's always been about maintaining equilibrium when constructing a collection. It's about striking the perfect balance between commercial viability and creative expression, as well as navigating the interplay between fantasy and reality. As Shaikha Haya explains, "This collection was no more challenging than the others and was a joy to work on throughout the season."

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection gives you cape-like sleeves to create a delicate, voluminous effect, casting intriguing shadows that add depth to the designs. The interplay of low cuts and narrowing cuffs play with the contrasts of light and dark. Square-cut shirts, some cropped to accentuate the female form, while others transformed into bibs or featuring buttoned hems, inject volume and versatility into the collection.

Shaikha Noor elaborates on the exploration of opposites in the collection, saying, "It was really an exploration of opposites by using or combining structure and fluidity. A good example of this is the ruffled top we designed using our metal-woven carded cotton in black. We carefully crafted fluid ruffles in a fabric that maintains its structure, resulting in a beautiful and sculptural piece."

Much like the phases of the moon, Noon By Noor's collection reveals its diverse facets. Utilitarian cargo pockets make a stylish appearance on chinos, shorts, and cotton dresses, blending practicality with panache. Jackets, characterized by clean lines and simplicity, bear no linings, facings, or canvas, yet exude the ultimate sophistication.

Shaikha Noor shares the process behind these design elements, saying, "All the design elements featured in the collection reflect months of collaboration between our pattern makers and design team. Continuously exploring new methods of construction and expression is vital to ensure the collection remains vibrant and fresh."

Noon By Noor chose to showcase this collection during London Fashion Week at 'HERE at Outernet.' This choice speaks volumes about their commitment to extending the fashion experience beyond the confines of exclusivity, welcoming a broader audience to bask in the artistry throughout the day, thereby making fashion more accessible and inclusive.

Shaikha Haya shares their rationale behind this decision, noting, "London's vibrant energy aligns perfectly with our brand's spirit as we venture into the European market."

The catwalk film, shot across the lush gardens of the RAK Art Foundation in Bahrain, holds special significance for Noon By Noor. It underscores the brand's unwavering support for both local and international creative talent, pushing the boundaries of innovation and artistic expression.

But beyond the fashion on display, Noon By Noor's commitment to inclusivity shines through. They celebrate the multifaceted roles women play in society, Shaikha Noor beautifully sums it up, saying, "We hope our collections reflect rather than dictate. We strive to mirror the roles that modern women embrace, including their desires and aspirations, rather than imposing expectations upon them."

Noon By Noor's Spring/Summer 2024 collection is not just a showcase of fashion; it's a testament to the art of balance, creativity, and celebrating the diverse spirit of women.