Dubai Modest Fashion week
The modest fashion industry is growing at a remarkable pace across the globe Image Credit: Supplied

The modest fashion industry is worth $470 billion globally and the success of the recently concluded third edition of the Modest Fashion Week in Dubai is testament to its growing popularity. This year’s edition saw several noteworthy designers from the region and beyond showcase their range of apparel and more. The Modest Fashion Week took place from November 18 – 20, 2021 at Rixos Premium JBR. This year’s theme was a celebration of Awakening. The event was a precursor to a fashion revolution, and showcased a range shows, pop-ups, and panel talks with guests and VIPs.

“When Modest Fashion Week came to me for holding this event two editions ago, I was a bit worried and didn’t know what to expect; but now when I saw the impact this event has done; I must say it’s a pride for us and our country. We thank Dubai for being the home to hold this event for us and inshallah more to come,” said The Turkish Consul of Dubai, who inaugurated the event on November 18.

Dubai Modest Fashion week
With participation from over 40 carefully curated designers, the event was a roaring success. Image Credit: Supplied

Modest Fashion Week is a travelling concept, which brings into focus some of the best designers and brands, media, influencers, and retail buyers in the space of modest fashion. There were several stunning designs on display, which, while sticking to the ethos of the brand, were resplendent nonetheless.

As many 40 exclusively selected designers and brands displayed their designs on the runway. Furthermore, fans had the opportunity to shop from the collections in the exhibitor booths area, providing them an experience unlike any other.

Dubai Modest Fashion week
Hosted in Dubai, the third edition of Modest Fashion Week was held at Rixos Premium JBR Image Credit: Supplied

Among the brands that participated were Coega Sunwear, Di' Gerari, Bahae Fashion, Najtags & Ranazone, Neveen Elkkady, Lemata X Noor, Poca & Poca (United Arab Emirates), Homolog, Gold Design, Al Haya Paris (France), Hukka, Mimya, Zems (Turkey), Nea Wear, Salayfa, Demure Duchess, Thread Palette London, Munamer (Italy), Surturban, Israel Kasnett, Mizwear (United States), BModest (Lebanon), Halimo Co (Norway), Brave, Kiswa Almaty (Kazakhstan), Heaven Lights, Wardah x Vivi Zubidi, Khanaan (Indonesia), Lirat (Iraq), Zeina Ali (Jordan), Massodah Shabodien (South Africa), Salam Design (Palestine), Sweet Dolce, Saraziia (Iran), Nordays (Belgium), Asmiimah (Nigeria) and the (Global).

''The 3rd edition of Dubai Modest Fashion Week 2021 was the most special edition with the exclusive participant selections, getting huge support from His Highness Sheikh Obaid Bin Suhail Al Maktoum and Consulate General of Turkey in Dubai. During three days, we saw the global trends of modest fashion with 31 fashion shows, evaluated the industry with 10 talk shows while participants got a lot of business expanding opportunities. Dubai being our second home and the most attractive modest fashion capitals in the world, we can’t be happier for holding such an important event at Rixos Premium Dubai – JBR. Another milestone for the global modest fashion movement is done and in every edition, we are getting stronger,” said Ozlem Sahin Ertas, the CEO of the global Modest Fashion Weeks.

Previous Modest Fashion Weeks were held in Istanbul, London, Jakarta, Amsterdam, Dubai and garnered immense media coverage and participation from over 40 countries.