Piccioli included jackets, foulard shirts, pants, outerwear, pyjamas and jumpsuits. The idea was to combine the feminine worlds of Couture with traditional masculine tailoring Image Credit: Valentino

The new Maison Valentino Essentials collection is carefully curated by Valentino’s Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli to provide men with every single aspect of a versatile wardrobe. In short, you need look no further, as all the core essentials of menswear are included in Valentino’s minimalist new collection while still allowing for individuality to shine.

The idea for Piccioli was to build a “personal yet universal wardrobe” that is as practical as much as it exemplifies Valentino’s exquisite craftsmanship and tailoring. Piccioli included pretty much everything a man needs to crate a full wardrobe, including jackets, foulard shirts, pants, outerwear, pyjamas and jumpsuits, in relaxed fits available in three sizes presented as I, II, III.

Intense colours inspired by Valentino’s Couture palette are present for layering options, as well as the use of deep black, with contrasting white details such as on the inside of jackets, on shirt piping and in the coats facing and in shirts. In essence, Piccioli sought to combine the traditionally feminine Couture world with the tailoring techniques of masculine pieces in order to unite the two extremes. The Maison describes the collection as a ‘Collision’ of extravagance.

According to the launch material provided to The Kurator, Valentino believes that “we define by habit what is a men’s item and what is a women’s item, but, thinking of a masculine wardrobe today, it is important to develop and amplify determined codes, them being a jacket, a trouser or a lace shirt, regardless of who will be wearing it.”