The UAE is synonymous with the art of luxury living and always at the forefront of lavish lifestyle choices - luxury brands from all over the world continuously cater to demanding Middle Eastern customers with unique products and limited edition collections created with the bespoke buyer in mind.

Ultra-luxury automobile marques are no strangers to extravagant client wishes, with all of the top brands such as Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Bugatti and more, boasting in-house concierge departments heeding every desire you may have. Over the years, these bespoke teams have created some stunning cars specially for Middle East customers as the region is consistently a top three market for luxury car sales. These are the top limited edition cars (sometimes limited to a single example…) exclusive to the Middle East:


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Bugatti loves one-offs, having made numerous unique cars over the past two decades, most recently just last month when the company revealed a model inspired by calligraphy. Image Credit: Bugatti

The importance of the local luxury car market was so significant to Bugatti, one of the mot exclusive manufacturers out there, that when the marque announced its Bugatti Veyron model for the 21st century they created five special cars specifically for the Middle East, inspired by the One Thousand and One Nights tales.


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Lagonda is a name not known in the wider world of cars, but it’s highly respected in the Middle East - the original Lagonda from the 1970s was made with the region in mind with most of the cars heading to Middle East buyers back in the day, as well as when Aston Martin decided to resurrect the Lagonda name in the 21st century with he Taraf. Image Credit: Aston Martin

When Aston Martin, which owns the famous Lagonda name that’s so synonymous with British luxury motoring, decided to resurrect the badge and create the ultimate sports limousine in 2015, the company not only focussed almost exclusively on buyers in the Middle East but even named the car the after an Arabic word, calling it the Lagonda Taraf.


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Swiss tuner Mansory is famous for its ostentatious and glamorous cars featuring the wildest body kits, wheels and interiors - it was no different for the special one-off Cullinan created exclusively for the UAE. Image Credit: Mansory

When Swiss tuning house Mansory opened its showroom in Dubai, the design and engineering firm celebrated the occasion with a truly bespoke Rolls-Royce Cullinan “Special UAE” SUV made of forged carbon fibre and finished in a duo-tone look, which is a theme that carried on inside with loads more trick carbon fibre everywhere you looked.


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Bentley’s in-house bespoke specialist at Mulliner created a line of six cars specifically for the UAE inspired by Dubai’s famous skyline. Image Credit: Bentley

Last year British marque Bentley decided to treat its loyal clientele in the UAE with a new line developed by the in-house specialist Mulliner Programme, which turns its attention to only the most special cars - Bentley rolled out a limited-edition of just six cars in its “Skyline Collection”, inspired aptly by Dubai’s world-famous skyline, and featuring all of the city’s iconic landmarks in a graphic motif on the dashboard.


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Ferrari’s Tailor Made programme is dedicated to the most demanding customers and the company can even make one-off cars with entirely bespoke bodies or even “art cars” if your pockets are deep enough. Image Credit: Ferrari

Even though Enzo Ferrari never even wanted to make road cars when he started his iconic brand, preferring to focus on his precious racing machines, the brand is known for many truly unique examples of cars that were created for special customers and loyal collectors - when launching its Tailor Made programme in 2011, a sort of atelier focusing on the most demanding customers, Ferrari revealed a collection exclusive to the Middle East with five highly desirable cars dedicated (one each) to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, and Kuwait.


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Porsche was one of the most talked about brands back at the 2010 Qatar Motor Show when the company rolled out a special limited edition collection of cars for the region for the very first time. Image Credit: Porsche

The Germans normally don’t do region specific specials, but Porsche strayed from the norm to honour its loyal buyers in the region and to put on a bit of a headline-grabbing sensation back at the 2010 Qatar Motor Show - Porsche chose the occasion to unveil a special limited-edition collection of 66 examples which were only on sale in the Middle East, even if the actual novelties were limited to some exclusive paint options, badges, and interior specifications.