20230622 ralph lauren
The new Purple Label Spring-Summer 2024 collection is Ralph Lauren’s Dolce Vita - it’s all about the summer, the sun and the sea, and the glamorous life of a jet-setting holiday maker on the stunning Mediterranean coast. Image Credit: Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren presented the new Purple Label Spring-Summer 2024 collection at the Palazzo Ralph Lauren in Milan, inspired by the sun-drenched Amalfi Coast.

The holiday spirit and the timeless glamour of the Amalfi coast that is normally associated with jet-setting celebrities and European social royalty provided the inspiration for the collection, which was created to reflect the centuries-old villas and idyllic natural surroundings of this stunning location in the Mediterranean.

“Summer inspires a way of dressing that has a certain kind of ease and effortlessness, a laid-back sophistication defined by the warmth of the sun and the romance of summer nights,” said Ralph Lauren. “My Spring/Summer 2024 collections for Purple Label reflect that spirit with a subtle glamour that is cool and charming, defining a personal style that is enduring all year round.”

Ralph’s Dolce Vita incorporates fabrics, linen and silk blends for a rich palette of colours, textures, and practical comfort, with the collection featuring plenty of drawstring pants, floral motifs and loose, relaxed fits, with the idea being to highlight Purple Label’s themes of luxurious artisanship and affable American design.

We’ve selected some of the best looks from the show so browse through the gallery and check out the finest offerings from the Purple Label Spring-Summer 2024 collection.