Image Credit: Tiffany

In a meant to be collison of mythology and modern design, Tiffany & Co. has teamed up with multi-talented artist Pharrell Williams to introduce the groundbreaking Tiffany Titan collection. Breaking away from convention, this collection channels the power and energy of Poseidon's trident, infusing it with Pharrell's signature creativity and style.

The Tiffany Titan collection celebrates fearless individuality, embodying a spirit that defies the ordinary. Drawing inspiration from the legendary trident, each piece features striking spear-like motifs harmonized with soft, curved links, creating a captivating interplay of tension and balance.

Image Credit: Tiffany

Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President of Product, Communications, and Industrial at Tiffany & Co., expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, "The Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams collection redefines the boundaries of fine jewellery design. It seamlessly blends Pharrell's artistic vision with Tiffany & Co.'s unparalleled craftsmanship."

Reflecting Pharrell's distinctive aesthetic, the collection showcases sharp, punk-inspired spikes across an array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings. Crafted in 18k yellow gold or titanium, each piece challenges conventional techniques with innovative features, such as reverse-set diamonds that enhance the brilliance and the subtle yet impactful quality of titanium.

Image Credit: Tiffany

Pharrell shared insights into the collection's inspiration, remarking, "I draw immense inspiration from the water, and the name 'Titan' pays homage to Poseidon, the ruler of the sea...Every detail in these jewellery pieces is deliberate, from the use of black titanium to its physical embodiment of beauty in blackness."

The Tiffany Titan by Pharrell Williams collection will debut exclusively on Tiffany.com in the US and at The Landmark in New York City this May, followed by global availability at Tiffany & Co. stores and online in June.