Image Credit: Burberry

The ultimate 'It Bag'

When Daniel Lee assumed the role of Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, it was clear that the brand was on the cusp of a remarkable transformation. Lee has infused Burberry with a fresh, contemporary and vibrant vision, setting a bold new course. With the introduction of his inaugural accessory for the brand, The Knight Bag, Burberry steps into an exciting new era.

The Knight Bag stands out with its divine full-leather design. Its distinctive asymmetrical silhouette features one corner gracefully draping over the other, creating a unique style that exudes elegance with a touch of rock chic energy.

Nestled in the serene British countryside, Burberry’s Spring-Summer 2024 showcase unveiled the ‘It bags’, as the bags move in motion their allure left no doubt that they are an essential addition to any fashion aficionado’s collection.

Embracing Burberry’s newfound colourful identity, The Knight Bag will be available in a variety of sizes, showcasing a spectrum of bold colours and materials. From vibrant yellows to lush greens, regal purples, and timeless browns, this bag collection embodies the essence of Burberry’s fresh and contemporary aesthetic.

More than just an accessory, The Knight Bag symbolises Burberry’s new era under Lee’s creative stewardship, skillfully merging tradition with innovation. It has quickly become the ultimate ‘it bag’, marking a new chapter in the iconic brand’s history.

Signs & Symbols The Legend of Zodiacs: The Dragon Limited Edition 51
Image Credit: Montblanc

Signs and symbols

Montblanc’s ‘Signs & Symbols’ collector line, an annual tribute to the rich culture of East Asian myths and legends, continues to captivate enthusiasts with its exquisite craftsmanship. Established in 2015, this distinguished line comprises two collections: ‘The Legend of Zodiacs’ and ‘A Journey among Dragons’. Each year, these collections undergo a transformation in design, paying homage to the ancient narratives that inspire them. While Western and Eastern cultures both embrace zodiac signs, their origins and interpretations differ significantly. In East Asian traditions, the zodiac spans twelve years, represented exclusively by animal symbols. Each sign not only offers insights into the year ahead but also imparts its defining characteristics to individuals born under it.

In 2023, Montblanc introduced the ‘Signs & Symbols The Legend of Zodiacs: The Dragon Limited Edition 512’, dedicated to the revered dragon, considered the ancestor of the Chinese people and a symbol of power and authority. This mythical creature, often portrayed as the water bringer and ruler of celestial bodies, holds a unique place in the Chinese zodiac. Those born under the dragon sign are celebrated for their courage, ambition, intelligence, enthusiasm, and self-assurance.

Completing the collection are dragon-inspired stationery, accessories, and cufflinks crafted with Ag 925 sterling silver.