The Concours on Savile Row
The Concours on Savile Row sees the iconic street in Mayfair closed for traffic on May 24 and 25 to let the public enjoy the luxurious craft of tailoring and the style of rare classic cars. Image Credit: Supplied

The Concours on Savile Row is back for its second edition in London celebrating luxury tailoring and the finest collector cars in the world in a symbiotic event meant to bring these two artisanal worlds together.

The event runs on May 24 and 25 with Savile Row closed to traffic so that the public is free to leisurely stroll amongst the stunning cars on display as well as enjoy the world-class craftsmanship from the expert tailors.

“Last year’s inaugural Concours on Savile Row was exactly how we’d hoped it would be – stylish, fun, relaxing and interesting, with great cars and great people. This year will be bigger and better, with even more to see and do,” said David Lillywhite of event organisers Hothouse Media.

Savile Row
The cars on display are priceless collector cars some of which are worth in the tens of millions of dollars. Image Credit: Supplied

The free to the public event will showcase breathtaking classic cars, some rare examples which are worth tens and tens of millions of dollars, as well as tailors with centuries of experience.

The internationally renowned tailor Gives & Hawkes, for example, situated on No. 1 Savile Row, is over 200 years old and has a client history that includes Charles III, the King of the United Kingdom, and Aga Khan. Just down the road at 15 Savile Row, Henry Poole & Co as one of the oldest tailors on the Mayfair street, used to clothe King Edward VII, Napoleon III, and Sir Winston Churchill, while Huntsman, over 170 years old, was the preferred choice of David Bowie and Coco Chanel.

Centuries-old Savile Row tailors
Centuries-old Savile Row tailors have clothed clients such as kings and emperors over the years, as well as stars like David Bowie and Coco Chanel Image Credit: Supplied

One of the creations on display that’s already creating a buzz for the Concours on Savile Row is the limited edition Vanquish 25 luxury car reimagined for 2023 by celebrated designer Ian Callum CBE. Callum collaborated with tailor Edward Sexton to come up with innovative interior details for the ultra exclusive car, which is just one of dozens that will feature in London.