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Dubai, an ever-evolving and lustrious city celebrated for its affluence and innovation, has been Deylami’s canvas, she tells us “Dubai as a city represents the epitome of luxury, so it was a given for Sotheby’s to be present in both art and real estate.” Deylami has specialised in the crème de la crème of properties—high-end penthouses and mansions nestled in prime locations such as Palm Jumeirah, Bulgari Resorts & Residences, and Dubai Hills. Her portfolio reflects a commitment to the highest echelons of luxury living.

“Sotheby’s is the oldest and largest internationally recognised firm of fine art auctioneers in the world and a pioneer in luxury real estate. It has been the number one go-to brand for celebrities, UHNW, and collectors.” The combination of art and design presents an invaluable dimension to luxury properties, “it allows for the creation of a captivating atmosphere that evokes a sense of exclusivity and refinement. Artwork, whether it’s paintings, sculptures, or installations, can inject a distinct personality into a property and provide a focal point for residents and guests.”

Deylami eloquently articulates the distinctive factors that set Sotheby’s International Realty in the Middle East apart on a global scale, underscoring the critical elements that contribute to its preeminence. She affirms, “It is the visionary leadership, commitment to the long term, and a team of experienced brokers that define our uniqueness. The synergy of design elements, including the use of high-quality materials, avant-garde architecture, and cutting-edge technology, not only elevates the aesthetic appeal of luxury real estate but also enhances the very essence of living. Functionality and comfort are woven into the fabric of these properties, creating an unparalleled living experience.”

“The intersection of art and design plays a pivotal role in establishing a distinct brand identity for luxury real estate developments. By forging collaborations with renowned artists, visionary architects, and ingenious designers, developers can create a cohesive aesthetic that distinguishes their projects and attracts discerning buyers who appreciate the marriage of art and real estate.”

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Deylami tells us about her recent success in the Dubai real estate market, the recent sale of the Mega Penthouse at Ava by Dorchester Collection, a prestigious project developed by Omniyat. “I have some of the best luxury villas and Pernhouses exclusively listed wtih me and since the demands are currently exceeding the supply and also by applying tailor made marketing strategies I can attract the right clientelle for my listings or find the right options for my clients.”

As an expert in managing international portfolios of luxury properties, Deylami gives us a step-to-step strategy guide on how she manages her international luxury property portfolios to ensure profitability and alignment with clients’ financial goals.

Honey Deylami’s strategies include:

→ In-depth Market Research: Closely monitor global luxury property markets to identify emerging trends and make informed investment decisions. They assess factors such as location, demand, economic stability, and cultural influences.

→ Diversification: Minimising risk, I often recommend diversifying investments across different property types, locations, and markets. This can help mitigate the effects of potential downturns and fluctuations in specific regions.

→ Using risk management: Techniques to protect my clients’ investments. This involves evaluating potential risks associated with legal restrictions, economic fluctuations, currency exchange rates, and political situations in different countries.

→ Long-term Investment Perspective: I usually take a long-term perspective when managing luxury property portfolios. I aim to build sustainable income streams for my clients. Regular assessments and periodic reviews are conducted to ensure ongoing market suitability.

→ Tailored Strategies: I consider each client’s unique financial goals and risk tolerance and try to develop a customised strategy that aligns with clients’ preferences, including investment horizons, expected returns, and income requirements.

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Dubai’s real estate landscape is a dynamic and ever-evolving canvas, promising a bright future for luxury properties in the city. Amid this ever-transforming market, DUBAI Sotheby's International Realty stands prominently at the forefront.

Honey Deylami shares her insights, “Dubai has firmly established itself as the preferred residence for Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, executives, and professionals. This distinction is a result of the city’s outstanding government strategies, including safety, security, favorable tax policies, robust infrastructure, world-class education, and healthcare. We are witnessing a surge in demand, not only for luxury properties but also across the mid and lower segments. Sotheby’s, with its extensive client base, vast portfolio, and visionary approach, commands the largest market share in the luxury sector and remains at the vanguard of the Middle East’s real estate evolution.”