The Kurator exclusively entered the world of Wallace Chan through his latest unveiling at Christie’s, the renowned art and auction house. The Wheel of Time is a monumental exhibition celebrating the awe-inspiring artistry of Wallace Chan, the visionary Chinese jewellery creator, visual artist, and ever-evolving innovator. Showcasing a breath-taking collection of 150 meticulously crafted pieces of jewelry, complemented by six avant-garde titanium sculptures, some of which have remained hidden from the public eye until now, Chan invites us to take a walk through his mind and delve into his artistic creations, reflecting upon pivotal moments that have punctuated his illustrious career spanning five remarkable decades.

Wallace Chan whisked us away with his spiritual and ingenious ways of thinking as he guided us through the iconic pieces that are now shown in the exhibit. He tells us, "In the blink of an eye, half a century has flown by. I am humbled by the opportunity to present my largest exhibition in Europe at Christie's in London. My heartfelt thanks go to Christie's for supporting my creative journey throughout the years and across the globe. I am also grateful to my long-term collectors for loaning the pieces, without their friendship the exhibition would not be possible. Time is an eternal wheel that rotates for infinity with neither beginning nor end. In the creative process, time is a theme so intangible, yet omnificent."

20230815 Wallace Chan
Wallace Chan holding one of his creations. Image Credit: Wallace Chan

The UAE and its architecture, culture and zest for evolving is a constant inspiration to Chan, his pieces remind us of the glamour and the inexplicable creativity of the region yet in the esteemed halls of Christie’s King Street headquarters in London. The exhibit will run from September 4 to 10, we can assure you it will be a visual feast for the senses. With a tradition of offering free and open access, Christie’s welcomes art enthusiasts, collectors, and curious minds alike to immerse themselves in Chan’s universe of imagination and skill. This marks Christie's fifth collaboration with Wallace Chan, a partnership that has birthed exhibitions in Hong Kong (2015, 2019) and Shanghai (2020, 2021).

“Christie’s is committed to supporting great artists and the evolution of their work. We hope collectors and art enthusiasts around the world will be enriched by this rare retrospective of Wallace Chan." says Guillaume Cerruti, CEO, Christie's.

Drawing from an illustrious half-century of artistic endeavour, most of the showcased pieces have been generously loaned by prominent international collectors who have cherished and collected Chan's masterpieces. Each creation on display resonates with the embodiment of time-intensive craftsmanship, encapsulating the pure devotion that Chan channels into his work. Merging elements of classical Chinese aesthetics with profound reverence for the inherent properties of his chosen materials, Chan's pieces are not just jewelry but storied emblems that honour the art of sculpting, carving, and the passage of time itself.

Among the myriad of exquisite creations awaiting discovery, one that stood out to us as we had the chance to hold it is the Legend of the Colour Black— a dynamic shoulder brooch sculpture. At its heart lies a diverse centrepiece: a colossal black diamond, one of the most sizable cut black diamonds known globally, weighing an astonishing 312.24 carats. Accompanying this enigmatic gem are delicate silver-grey diamonds, sparkling crystal sapphires, ebony black agate, and the pièce de résistance—Wallace Chan Porcelain. Chan's ingenuity has given rise to this unique material, possessing a strength that surpasses even that of steel, a testament to his relentless dedication to innovation and pushing artistic boundaries.

20230815 Wallace Chan 2
'Legend of the Color Black' Image Credit: Wallace Chan

The Wheel of Time will inspire you on many levels, from the art of jewelry to the way your mind views life and how you choose to live it day-to-day. It is a spiritual explosion of creativity and beauty, an exhibition one should not miss if one finds themselves in London. Witness a talent you don’t find every day and embrace a transformative experience.