2023025 Albert Boyadjian
Albert Boyadjian Image Credit: Supplied

From participating in “Arab’s Got Talent” and “Star Academy Arabia” to releasing a hit debut single, "Rock the Dance Floor," and having just launched his latest track, “La Joie,” the dancer turned percussionist and music producer, Albert Boyadjian, gives The Kurator an exclusive insight into his artistic journey, delving into his innovative talent that can bring rhythm to anyone listening.

With Lebanese and Armenian heritage, Boyadjian embraces the importance of his cultural background in his work. “I draw upon unique rhythmic patterns from Lebanese and Armenian music, infusing my performances with authentic and captivating energy," he explains. Traditional instruments like darbuka, daf, and oud find their way into his compositions, reflecting his cultural roots. Melodic influences from both traditions enrich his work with beautiful scales and ornamentation.

Using the themes and lyrics in his music as a medium to explore cultural, historical, and social issues related to his heritage, Boyadjian has the chance to make deep connections not only between himself and his music but also with avid listeners seeking to find music they can relate to and find representation in.

Boyadjian began his career as a dancer before making his mark in the percussion world. “My journey as a dancer started with my passion for movement and flourished through training, education, and numerous performance opportunities," he shares. The influence of his diverse background instilled his unique artistic identity, "by embracing my cultural heritage, being exposed to a diversity of genres and languages. The fusion of dance styles, cultural storytelling, and a collaborative approach set me apart as an artist."

Having started dancing from a young age, including classic ballet, tap dance, and folklore dances, the idea of joining the art of dance with percussion and music production seemed like the dream team, and we are glad he did. “Classical ballet instilled in me discipline, precision, and attention to detail, influencing my approach to percussion and music production," he explains. "Tap dance enhanced my rhythmic sensibilities and allowed me to create intricate and engaging patterns in percussion and music production. With folklore dance, Boyadjian felt it "exposed me to diverse cultural music and rhythms, which broadened my musical palette and inspired me to incorporate unique rhythms and melodies into my compositions, making them more genuine and meaningful."

“These dance forms have not only enriched my understanding of music but have also given me a multifaceted perspective that sets me apart in my approach to percussion and music production." With that way of thinking embedded in him, he creates a euphoric sense of awakening when listening to his music - the exhilaration of uniting so many instruments together, the speed, the cultural influence, and the dance create a magnetic pull to him and his music.

“Playing with Lebanese and Armenian bands before starting my solo career laid a strong foundation for my artistry. Collaborating with different bands honed my versatility, adaptability, and stage presence. The exposure to various musical traditions enriched my compositions and performing with other artists taught me the importance of teamwork and communication in creating exceptional music."

We asked Boyadjian how he involved percussion in his latest project, and he tells us, “This project combines the rhythmic power of percussion with the diverse vocal talents of international singers and incorporates visual and theatrical elements, which aim to create a memorable and immersive musical journey," longing to always celebrate cultural diversity and unite people through the universal language of music.

“La Joie,” featuring Cheb Madjid, Boyadjian’s latest release, is a blend of Arabic and French - "a harmonious fusion." The creative process behind this song involved the combination of historical and cultural contexts with unique musical techniques. By combining elements from both cultures, "La Joie'' transcends cultural boundaries and appeals to a wide audience, fostering unity and appreciation for diverse musical traditions. This track is an inspiration for future musical exploration and cultural exchange.

“Through its rhythm, lyrics, and visuals, "La Joie" reflects the aspirations of people from around the world. It encourages listeners to be part of the change and hope for a better future.”