Image Credit: Ambika Hinduja

Ambika Hinduja, the visionary artist, designer, and founder of Impeccable Imagination, recently unveiled her latest masterpiece, 'Harmony of Nature - A Concerto of Art.' In an exclusive interview with The Kurator, Hinduja shared insights into the inspiration, collaboration, and creative philosophy behind this unique sculptural piano and discussed her broader vision for art and design in Mumbai and Dubai.

'Harmoney of Nature' was born from Hinduja's strong connection with the natural world. Inspired by the ephemeral beauty of seasons and the rhythmic harmony of nature, Hinduja embarked on a journey to create a sculptural piano that would honor and resonate with the pulsating energy of the natural world. The concept evolved as she studied leaves' diverse forms, colors, and states of fall, aiming to capture nature's renewal and adaptation over time.

Image Credit: Ambika Hinduja

"Listen to the soft whisper of a falling leaf and the song of a moonlit stone. Rustling trees play a wild symphony to awaken the soul, their roots cradling much wisdom, ever ready to be shared."

Collaborating with Goldfinch, a specialized branch of Edelweiss Pianos, Hinduja emphasized how Goldfinch's dedication to craftsmanship aligned with her pursuit of marrying nature, sculpture, and technology. The result was a hand-built, acoustic Edelweiss baby grand piano, adorned with intricate textures resembling elements from nature. "The collaboration extended beyond the surface, delving into the functionality of the instrument, ensuring it retained its musical excellence while embodying the form and texture reminiscent of a fallen leaf." Hinduja says.

Hinduja's exhibition in Dubai, 'The Sublime Nature of Being,' invited visitors to explore uplifting artworks that activate sight, sound, and scent. Stemming from her fascination with the universal sense of awe inspired by nature, Hinduja curated large-scale sculptures, light and shadow installations, and bespoke fragrance, stirring hope and deep reflection.

"In the embrace of nature, tranquility envelops us, grounding us in the present moment, attuned to both ourselves and the world around us."

Image Credit: Ambika Hinduja

Nature continues to be a limitless source of inspiration for Hinduja. With each passing day, she delves deeper into the relationship, exploring new dimensions of nature's influence on her creations. She envisions art as a journey, unlocking infinite ideas inspired by the organic forms, textures, colors, and sounds of the natural world.

“The Baby Grand is enveloped in cold cast bronze and clad in 22.5k moon-gold leaf. The texture replicating nature draws inspiration from the enchanting dance of roots as they emerge from and retreat into the earth, reminiscent of an intricate web and influenced by the delicate veins of leaves, blending nature's poetry into my design.”

Hinduja envisions creativity as pivotal in shaping the future of Mumbai and Dubai. In Dubai, she aims to contribute to the ever-evolving art scene, introducing a fresh dimension to its artistic landscape. In Mumbai, she sees art and design blossoming into tools for harnessing social and environmental consciousness, inspiring a more sustainable and thoughtful approach to creativity.

Following the success of 'The Sublime Nature of Being,' Hinduja anticipates launching its second volume in January 2025. Her focus will be on the Middle East, where she plans to bring back the sequel and showcase other artistic endeavors, enriching the rich culture of the region.

"I envision a future where art and design in Mumbai and Dubai evolve into tools for fostering social and environmental consciousness."

Image Credit: Ambika Hinduja

Collaboration, according to Hinduja, is a transformative motivation within Impeccable Imagination. Whether in 'The Sublime Nature of Being' or the 'Harmony of Nature,' collaboration has been integral to creating creations that transcend individual imagination.

"Collaboration stands as a transformative catalyst within the creative ethos of Impeccable Imagination, a magical alchemy capable of weaving individual talents into a collective symphony of artistic expression."

For emerging artists and designers, Hinduja emphasizes the importance of embracing one's uniqueness, staying true to individual perspectives, and understanding that genuine expression should stem from pure intention. She encourages "curiosity, commitment, contemplation, and recognizing that creativity thrives on continual evolution are essential aspects of an artistic journey."