Prada frames
Image Credit: Prada

Prada and Formafantasma announced Prada Frames 2023, the second edition of their successful amalgamation. This annual multidisciplinary symposium explores the complexity of the relationships between design and the environment. Design, and research studio, Formafantasma is the curator of the event this year and is known for applying analytically meticulous attention to context, processes and details of every aspect. This collaboration brings together varied professionals to discuss; the environmental, social, and political implications of design. Through conversation, the collaborative and innovative exploration will lead to thought-provoking ideology and discussions on how to solve these issues.

This year, Materials in Flux is the theme of Prada Frames Milan. As stated by the Italian fashion house, Prada chooses to foster a reflection whose ethical and aesthetic implications have been central to the brand's practice for some time: the potential for original creativity and opportunities for low-impact production opened by the use of innovative recycled materials.

The research takes inspiration from the concepts of British anthropologist Tim Ingold, who is known for seeing materials as interconnected and endlessly evolving entities. The symposium’s work influenced by Ingold aims to delve into the concept of waste, investigate the dynamics that regulate waste infrastructure and its value systems, and analyse the complex relationship between materials and ecosystems.

This pioneering event, located in one of the oldest theatres in Milan, Teatro Filodrammaticil, is taking place from the 17-19th of April. With six intensive sessions throughout the three-day event will gather the best of the best, professionals and scholars from various fields of research will combine forces. Some of which include Tim Ingold, Elizabeth Povinelli, Beatriz Colomina, Mark Wigley, Sophie Chao, Veena Sahajwalla and Hans Ulrich Obrist.

Registration to attend Prada Frames Milan are free and can be found on tickets available from 6th of April.