ASTRONEF’s complex mechanism features as many as 470 components
Limited to just eight pieces, it’s a future collectable Image Credit: Supplied

Ateliers Louis Moinet has announced its new, exclusive timepiece ASTRONEF, which is limited to a mere eight pieces globally, A convergence of traditional craftsmanship and modern watchmaking, ASTRONEF employs the technology developed for SPACE REVOLUTION.

"Produce an excellent and curious effect": this view upheld by Louis Moinet was the starting point for ASTRONEF. The guiding principle was to push the envelope further, as Louis Moinet did in his time – he invented the chronograph in 1816.

The ASTRONEF is the culmination of over three years of painstaking research and development work. Such is the complexity of the mechanism that the project was deemed impossible and almost stopped at certain points in its development.

ASTRONEF’s complex mechanism features as many as 470 components
ASTRONEF’s complex mechanism features as many as 470 components Image Credit: Supplied

The level of meticulous details is extraordinary. For instance, the dial is crafted from a plate just 0.6 mm thick. Additionally, another 0.2 mm is hollowed out to reveal the numerals and a rack. This creates a stunning contrast with the rhodium plating and lends a two-tone finish.

ASTRONEF is also equally lightweight, despite a powerful mechanism, which is accentuated by a gold frame and sapphire container. The sapphire container is mounted on an 18K gold frame, while a sapphire dome and its applied inner bezel ring complete the aesthetics.

The mechanism sits in the base of the frame, which is a mere 3.75 mm in thickness. The spectacular design complements the mechanism and is marked by its control tower – or central column – which transmits the orders to the tourbillons and hands.

It features a double tourbillon for enhanced accuracy, while flawless rotation and poising of the rotating elements are the highlights of ASTRONEF. The ultra-complex mechanism boasts as many as 470 components.

The timepiece comes in a specially-crafted presentation box. Created by an artisan, it features a straw marquetry motif. Naturally, the buyer can choose from several graphic design alternatives for a bespoke look.