Dubai’s TODA announces the new digital exhibition on the future of fashion from November 27 to December 30. Image Courtesy of Canadian artist Frank Square. Image Credit: TODA

The Theatre of Digital Arts in Dubai is announcing a one-of-a-kind AI-powered immersive digital exhibition about the future of fashion

Dubai’s Theatre of Digital Arts (TODA) is giving us a peek into the future of fashion with its latest digital exhibition presented in collaboration with 22 artists. Running from November 7 to December 30, the exhibition gives a glimpse of the unknown with AI technologies and multi-sensory experiences combining to provide a one-of-a-kind show.

Courtesy of digital creator Ilikadelian. Image Credit: TODA

"We are beyond pleased to partner with Max Goshko-Dankov, the creative head behind this project to demonstrate the future of fashion in combination with AI and explore themes of surrealism, expressionism and virtual consciousness." said Daria Proaevich, Managing Director of TODA. “We are honoured to have invited 22 digital artists from around the world, each with a unique vision, to share their perspectives on fashion and the infinite potential that AI offers the world.”

The exhibition is split into three parts exploring consumer culture and the world of tomorrow, particularly the fusion of fashion and technology and the creative freedoms brought on by the digital revolution. Artists from around the world participating in the exhibition include Nicolas from France; who has worked with celebrities such as Cardi B and Lizzo, and Frank Square from Canada.

Courtesy of Jon Sanchez. Image Credit: TODA

TODA promises a show that transcends fashion and will be enjoyed by anyone whether or not they like fashion, technology or AI, as a truly interesting and unique experience in the UAE’s first digital art theatre with 360-degree immersion.