The new MRP passports will replace the current handwritten ones Image Credit: WikiCommons

Nepalese residents in the UAE have until November 24 2015 to renew their passports. The old passports, which contain handwritten details about the bearer, are being phased out. New Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) are now mandatory for all Nepalese expatriates.

Read our guide to learn how you can do it.

Note Your employer is not permitted to hold on to your passport. If you have any trouble obtaining your passport then you should contact the UAE Ministry of Labour immediately on 800 665.

1. Print the application form

Download and print the new passport application form here. Click the PDF in the green box at the bottom of the page.

You must print two (2) copies of the application form, which you can download above. Complete all the details (which should be clearly hand-written) and attach a passport-size photograph of yourself to each form.

Make sure your signature does not go outside of the grey box.

The photographs must be colour, with a white background.

2. Documents you will need

Documents required
Completed application form (two copies), complete with photographs
Current original passport
Current original Emirates ID card
Photocopy of current passport
Photocopy of visa page in passport
Photocopy of both sides of Emirates ID card
Photocopy of your Nepalese Citizenship Certificate
Fee of Dh320


Documents required for lost or damaged passport
Completed application form (two copies)
Police report
Current original Emirates ID card
A letter to the Nepal Embassy from your employer
Fee of Dh640
Any photocopies you have of your lost passport


Documents requried for babies born in the UAE
Completed application form (two copies)
Original attested birth certificate as issued by Health Authority
Original passports for both parents
Photocopies of both parent's passports
Original visas for both parents
Photocopies of both parent's visas
Original copy of attested marriage certificate
Photocopy of marriage certificate
Photocopies of parent's Nepalese Citizenship Certificates
Fee of Dh320 per child


3. Visit the Nepal Embassy

You must visit the Nepal Embassy in Abu Dhabi, and take with you the documents listed above.

See the map below for the embassy location. Those traveling from Dubai can get a bus from Ibn Battuta Mall to Abu Dhabi Bus Station for Dh25. The Bus Station is a 15 minute walk from the embassy.

4. Delivery time

New passports can take up to three (3) months to be processed and delivered. The Nepal Embassy send batches of applications back to Nepal every two weeks.

You will recieve a message from the Nepal Embassy when your new MRP passport is ready. You must take your old passport with you to collect it.

Emergency travel

If, while you are waiting for your new passport, you need to travel for an emergency, you will need to apply for an emergency travel document at the Nepal Embassy. This document costs Dh150.

You can read Gulf News’ interview with the Nepal Embassy envoy here.

Nepal Embassy in Abu Dhabi contact details

Location Al Karamah Street, Abu Dhabi Embassy timings 9.30am to 1.30pm Sunday to Thursday Phone 02 634 4767 Email nepemuae@eim.ae Website Nepal Embassy