This is a service offered by the ministry for companies/establishments interested in amending the employment contracts of their employees.


The salary of the employee in the establishment he/she is going to work for should be proportional to his/her profession.

All the employer’s establishments should have been unified as per the ministry’s procedures.

To be able to amend his/her employment contract, the employee should have worked no less than 6 months for his/her previous employment contract.

In case of a pay raise of more than Dh1,500 over the previous employment contract, a salary statement for the last three months should be presented.

Required documents

  • A copy of signature card
  • A letter from the establishment showing a salary increase, if any
  • A copy of valid labour card
  • A copy of valid licence
  • Old employment contract
  • Three copies of employment contract, provided that they should bear the signatures of the first party and second party as well as the establishment’s seal


Fees for amending an employment contract are Dh200 for all categories of establishments.