Dubai: Union Coop will support the Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG) by sponsoring the group’s future projects and initiatives.

In this regard, the Dubai-based retail chain has signed a memorandum of understanding with DAG.

Harib Mohammad Bin Thani, Director of Operations Division, Union Coop, said the primary objective of the MoU is to contribute to the achievement of the nation’s objective, which is aimed at establishing a strong and sustainable regional space sector.

“This move will help us in protecting national interests, promoting vital sectors of our great nation and helping in the growth of our diverse economy,” he said.

Bin Thani said that their efforts will not only help in developing scientific and technical capabilities in individuals, but will also promote a unique culture of innovation that will boost UAE’s role globally.

“Union Coop as an entity is supporting all the sectors in line with our great leaders’ vision of UAE 2021, which aims at making UAE one of the best countries in the world on its 50th National Day. All institutions, organisations and individuals should work together as a team and unite their efforts and energies to stay ahead of time to achieve what is termed as ‘impossible’ by others,” said Bin Thani

Hasan Al Hariri, chief executive officer at DAG said: “With the help of Union Coop, DAG will work continuously to spread the culture of astronomy, refute superstitions and will use unique modes to communicate with general public in an effective manner. In this very age of science and development, we wish to revive the original Islamic and Arab heritage with respect to astronomy.”

He said that Union Coop plays a great role in promoting knowledge and culture within the community, a trait shared by DAG as well.