Nassiballah Sheer, a Pakistani driver Image Credit: RTA

Sharjah: A taxi driver in Sharjah was honoured for returning a bag containing Dh1.7 million that was left behind by a passenger, the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) said.

Nassiballah Sheer, a Pakistani driver working for a taxi company in Sharjah, found the medium-sized bag along with other important documents in his cab after they were left behind by a Korean businessman who had hailed Sheer’s cab from Sharjah International Airport.

Upon finding the bag, Sheer immediately headed to Sharjah’s RTA Taxi Office at the airport to hand over the bag. The office then contacted the airport police to look for the owner. Hours later, Sharjah Police located the Korean visitor and handed the bag along with the contents back to him.

Sheer was honoured by Abdulaziz Al Jarwan, Director of Sharjah RTA’s Transport Affairs, for his honesty and loyalty as a taxi driver.

Sheer is not the only one to return forgotten belongings left behind by passengers. There were at least 300 lost and found items of different values that were handed over to the Sharjah RTA Office at the airport and returned to their rightful owners, often with the help of Sharjah Police.

“We are always keen to honour and recognise good drivers since we always care about our employees and like to promote positive behaviour among them. We always work to develop a specific working environment that enhances their skills and allows us to reach the highest level of excellence in performance,” said Al Jarwan.

Recently, 265 cabbies were honoured for their good performance and were handed Dh310,000 in cash prizes in total, Sharjah RTA said.