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Dubai: A giving initiative has taken place this week to support some of Dubai’s front-liners in the transport industry, working tirelessly to keep the city moving despite uncertain times. Over 500 three-course meals have been facilitated by Sweetheart Kitchen through their collaboration with Hala (Dubai Taxi) in a bid to support captains.

This initiative comes as a natural significant decrease in demand for public transport continues, with restrictions remaining in place to reduce unnecessary movement around the city.

The collaboration with Sweetheart Kitchen is a reflection of how local businesses are coming together in unity for the greater good of lending a helping hand to their communities.

Ann-Sophie Petersmann, Marketing Director at Hala, said: “Now more than ever, our core values at Hala are guiding our everyday decisions, as we make every effort to help our captains, who have been affected by restrictions. Above all, this is a time for togetherness, and we are proud of this partnership with Sweetheart Kitchen; working together to realise meaningful difference for them.”

Adib Samara, Global Brand & Marketing Director of Sweetheart Kitchen said: “As a Dubai based company it is our responsibility; in fact it is our civic duty to support the local community in times of need. Hala Taxi and the RTA make up the veins that connect this city and allow it to thrive, and we are here to make sure we can feed and fuel the front lines during this holy month and during these challenging times we are all facing together.” available to get people to wherever they work, rest or play; ultimately boosting the economic potential of the region.