Abu Dhabi: The US presidential election process was a celebration of America and its democratic values, according to US expatriates in the capital who watched the election results on large TV screens at an event on Wednesday morning.

Scores of Americans joined friends of other nationalities to watch the election results on two big screens at the event, Election Watch, from 6am at Beach Rotana Hotel.

Michael H. Corbin, the US Ambassador to the UAE, said the election process showed the strength of the US democracy.

“What is important is the country elected a new president in an impressive election process,” he said.

Austin Wilson, 19, a student at New York University in Abu Dhabi, said he was delighted at Obama’s victory.

“America is divided [on political lines] but the election process proved how Americans together could elect a president without any troubles. Although he could not keep all the promises he made during the first election campaign, I think he can do more in the second term,” Wilson said.

Jacob Omolewu, 26, a marketing executive from Ohio, told Gulf News: “We are celebrating America [its democratic values and strengths],”

“You see how nicely Mitt Romney gave his concession speech and congratulated Obama for his victory. That shows the strength of American democracy,” he said on the side-lines of the event, organised by the US Ambassador to the UAE and AmCham, American Chamber of Commerce Abu Dhabi.

Omolewu, who arrived in the UAE recently, said it was first time he watched the election results abroad.

“Here, watching it along with people from all over the world, is really different. I felt the entire world was celebrating America.”

David Lattman, 50, an American paramedic on a visit to the UAE, said although he was not hugely happy about Obama’s victory, he hoped the president would deliver more in the second-term.

“I voted for the Republicans because I thought they would do more to improve the economy. Like many Americans I am concerned about increasing living costs in the country,” he said.

Lattman said the gas prices have reached the highest in the history of the country.

“Still I am sure the country would be united behind him to protect people’s interests,” he added.

Rory McDougall, 19, a student from the UK, said he was not surprised about the results.

“I think Obama’s victory is good for this region,” he said.

However, Roger Jodoin, a Canadian national said, the results showed America was divided about its future.