The DAQRI Smart Helmet & Smart glasses that uses Augmented Reality for multiple use,will be on display at the #DEWAGITEX stand at #GITEX2017 Image Credit:

Dubai: The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) engineers are soon expected to get smart helmets and smart glasses to help assess Dewa substations in buildings.

The DAQRI Smart Helmet and Smart glasses that use Augmented Reality software provided by Takeleap, a Dubai-based company, has multiple uses. It is on display at the #DEWAGITEX stand at Gitex Technology Week.

According to Michael Edmonds, Sales Manager at Takeleap: “The digital elements are overlaid on the physical elements of a Dewa substation. For example, if a gauge on the substation is supposed to read 90psi, sensors on the gauge will tell the helmet if it is higher or lower than the required psi. The digital elements displayed in the helmet will tell the engineer what the correct value should be and where to correct the error without the machine going into critical stage”.

The helmet and glasses aim to save an engineers time and energy. Edmond added: “It helps the engineer to find out and rectify the problem efficiently without going through the whole substation.”

But that’s not all, the helmet also has live video call function to get expert help from Dewa if an engineer faces difficulty in fixing an issue. The expert will be able to see on a screen, what the engineer sees onsite.

According to Dewa official, Hassan Haji: “The implementation of this technology for utility maintenance is in progress and Dewa will be the first government entity in the world to use such a technology for its workers.”

Have you seen Dewa’s other smart services? To know more you can visit the Dewa stand at Gitex Technology Week 2017, that runs until October 12 at Dubai World Trade Centre.