Il Borro
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The world of Ferragamo is a concrete and beautiful realm made of quality and comfort.

The Ferragamos are not the first fashion empire to venture into food, however,  Il Borro stands out for its strong emphasis on sustainability. Just by dipping bread in olive oil or enjoying their traditionally Tuscan Pappa Al Pomodoro is a clear indication on the high quality of the ingredients.

The original Il Borro is located in Tuscany on an estate owned by the Ferragamo family in Italy. The land is home to a vineyard, fields of organic fruits and vegetables and the Il Borro Tuscan bistro. 

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Today, Il Borro Dubai is located at Jumeirah Al Nasee, and is one of the most popular restaurants in the city. Even if you visit on a weekday evening, the place is buzzing with people. They go for the famous name, but end up coming back again and again for the great service and the simple yet delicious food.

Ferruccio Ferragamo wanted to launch Il Borro with a desire to diversify the family business. He loves fashion, but also believes that food is an inevitable and important aspect of life that deserves plenty of attention.

He is particularly passionate about their production of grape and olive oil in Tuscany.

The family began producing Extra Virgin Olive Oil, back in 1996 by hand-harvesting with a biodynamic approach for crushing and pressing, allows to enhance the organoleptic qualities of the oil.

Organic agriculture farm implies a certain way of living, observing and respecting the territory where the main goal of Il Borro is to help the land to regenerate itself, preserving its fertility and keeping the quality of the product high.

The biodynamic approach at the restaurant is deeply rooted in the mindset of Ferruccio and in the concept of Il Borro. The aim is to source ethically and keep the ingredients as clean as possible. The plan for Il Borro Dubai continues to ensure that all diners eat only the cleanest and freshest ingredients, while also enjoying the fashionably presented dishes.