Al Ain Oasis Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Al Ain Oasis, the largest oasis in Al Ain and the UAE’s first curated UNESCO World Heritage site, will be hosting a Saturday market from January 28 to March 25.

The market will, a press release said, offer products ranging from jewellery and accessories to authentic home-grown fashion. To ensure you don't stop going there, the vendors will change each week ensuring an endless variety of produce and goods to choose from.

Al Ain Oasis is spread over 1,200 hectares and contains more than 550 palm tree farms with over 147,000 date palms. It is known for the delicate oasis ecosystem, irrigation system and its important role in the development of Abu Dhabi.

Many of the trees here have been standing for several hundred years. The irrigation system, called falaj, is one of the main attractions of the destination. Three falaj systems have been in use for more than 3,000 years, using water to sustain the beautiful oasis. 

Open from 3pm to midnight, entrance to The Saturday Market Al Ain Oasis is priced at Dh10 for children ages 3 to 11 and Dh20 for visitors aged 12 and up. Children aged 2 and under, as well as People of Determination, enter free of charge.