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Dileesh Pothan’s debut film, ‘Maheshinte Prathikaaram’ (Mahesh’s Revenge) busts the notion that revenge tales must be laden with gore and violence. As the title indicates, Mahesh (Fahad Faasil) has a score to settle and until that is done, he will not rest.

Actually in this case, he will not wear his slippers, preferring to go around barefoot, instead.

What, then, makes this tale of retribution, out in the UAE this weekend, engaging and entertaining?

Clean and good humour to begin, with right from the moment the story opens in a nondescript town of Prakash in Idukki. Mahesh is a photographer managing a small studio. He lives with his father (K J Antony), who has taught him the trade. Mahesh is in love with his school mate Sowmya, (Anusree) who now works in another town as a nurse. Their love story is an open book and Mahesh is certain that they will be together soon. But Sowmya’s father has better plans for his daughter and with that their love story comes to a close.

‘Maheshinte Prathikaaram’ is Dileesh Pothan’s debut film. Pothan who assisted Aashiq Abu prior to going solo and left an impression as an actor in a small but memorable role in Aashiq Abu’s ‘Salt and Pepper’.

With this film, he scores as a director.

The story written by Syam Puskaran unfolds in a manner that cannot be predicted.

An ordinary incident that happens outside Mahesh’s studio affects him and that propels him on a revenge journey. But the anger and hatred one often associates with a revenge tale is missing. Humour takes over and with Soubin Shahir around, be prepared to laugh. Shahir plays Crispin, an assistant working in the studio next door to Mahesh’s. This studio belongs to Baby Achayan (Alancier Lay) and the day-to-day interactions between the boss and his new apprentice are hilarious, not to forget Soniamol, the young daughter of Achayan, a distraction for Crispin.

There is no loud acting here. Faasil, not new to playing the common man, effortlessly brings out the highs and lows of Mahesh’s life. Anusree as his on-screen lover who eventually ditches him is good. The surprise though is young Aparna Balamurali, who wins hands down. She plays Jimcy, a clear-headed girl who ushers love once again into Mahesh’s life. Newcomer Lijomol as Soniamol is an actor to look out for.