Martin Jermiin, CEO, Flying Tiger Copenhagen
Martin Jermiin, CEO, Flying Tiger Copenhagen Image Credit: Supplied

How would you describe Flying Tiger Copenhagen to consumers in the UAE and why should they consider your products if they’re looking to buy gifts for Ramadan?

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is Scandinavian design-led brand offering extraordinary products to enrich everyday life. We design our products to make people feel good.

The consumers in the UAE will discover a wide range of unique gifts ideas and products they’ve never dreamt of and stuff they will feel the urge to try and desperately want to share with others. And sharing is an important aspect of Ramadan so I’m certain that customers will find great and relevant products in our stores.

Please describe who your products are primarily aimed at and what it is that makes your business philosophy unique?

A richer life doesn’t cost a fortune, at least not at Flying Tiger Copenhagen. This is the unique business philosophy that drives and distinguishes our brand. Families and kids are our main customers but through our wide range of products covering more than 15 categories, we offer something for everyone. Our customers will always find a reason to come back with unique new products launching every month.

How can your products bring families and friends together to share memorable experiences during the Holy Month of Ramadan?

The real value is not in the products we own but in the experiences we share, at Flying Tiger Copenhagen we design products that will bring people together through funny games, hobbies and activities.